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So another birthday, another year passed. Nowadays it feels like a countdown. The truth it’s always been a countdown to eternity.

The Bible teaches us to number our days
“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12 

Every year, every month, every day, every moment that passes is an opportunity gained or an opportunity lost. These days I’m praying for my life to have a meaningful impact. What does this mean for us? We’ve all been called to this ONE purpose and that is for our lives to glorify God. How do we use that influence, how do we spend our time, our resources, our talents? Someone said we are blessed not to consume, but to give and share those blessings with others. Blessed to be a Blessing!

The most exciting way for us to live is to be about The Great Commission. This was Jesus’ final command upon this earth before He ascended into Heaven. 

Here’s what I know. We all have influence somehow. We all have a circle of friends or family. Influential people get involved or connect in other people’s lives.

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

The more people know you for who you really are and the more you get to know others placed in your life and deeply care about them, the stronger the influence you’ll be able to have in their lives.

Our accolades, possessions, positions may impress certain people but we intimately connect with people (not through our strengths) but our weaknesses.

Mother Theresa was one of the most impactful people to ever have lived. She lived with the poorest of the poor and got involved in their lives. That’s how she gained influence.

Jesus was THE most infinitely powerful, impactful, influential person to have ever walked this earth. When we examine His earthly ministry—He was all about connecting with other people and getting deeply involved in their lives. He cared and He did something about it. Those He came into contact with could see it and feel it and in return, they listened to what He had to say.

My first trip to Cambodia was nearly 20 years ago and I remember seeing the hurt in the eyes of the innocents. The poverty and desperation were apparent but the hurt was much deeper. I knew I had to do something but felt so small against such a great need. This is why 20 years later I’m still telling their story. More importantly, One radio at a time tells HIS STORY! We’ve got to do more, we can do more. Every day, let’s connect with at least one, reach one to reach another.

The Great Commission wasn’t a mere suggestion but a command by Jesus to His followers! There is no more adventurous life than one spent sending and sharing the Gospel of Jesus!

Jason Clark

Acts 20:24

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