What a powerful opportunity for us as believers to take back the “airwaves” that have long been dominated by the prince of evil! Your gift of a radio is literally a beacon of light into the darkness. Your gift of a radio is much more than a mere $50, it is changing lives eternally. The only thing we can take into eternity with us is what we invest in the Eternal Kingdom of our Lord. Your gift is eternal!

Additional Ways to Donate

Donate By Mail

To donate by check, please make the check payable to Power of Grace Radio and mail it to:

Power of Grace Radio
1074 Glenloch Road
Roopville, GA 30170

Donate By Phone

To donate by phone or to get assistance with your donation, please contact us at 1-888-791-3351.

Donate In-Person

You can also donate in-person at one of our artists' events. We will have donor cards available at each event that you can fill out. Payment types include, credit card, check, or cash.